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What is Level Up Los Al?

Level up Los Al is a program designed to help boost the digital presence of our local businesses. By partnering with our neighbors, our hope is to enhance the way that customers from our surrounding areas are able to find them, and translate that to more sales, more foot traffic and more exposure.

If our local businesses are thriving, then our city is thriving as well with increased tax revenue and support for our local programs.

If you have questions and need help with your website, social media, or general marketing guidance, please schedule a consultation below.

This isn’t a program in affiliated with local government. We just love our city and want to see it thrive.

Supporting our city, and our schools.

Along with our commitment to help our fellow local businesses, we want to support our amazing schools and district.

Ad Armory will be donating  25% of sales from hosting, domains, and agency services for Los Alamitos businesses to our school district non-profit programs, including:

  • Los Alamitos Educational Foundation (LAEF)
  • Los Alamitos School-Specific Non-Profits